Distinguished participants and lecturers!
If you are coming to our training centre as a lecturer or a participant, here is some information about our training centre which you may find useful.

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Entrance to the Reactor Centre

Every visitor receives a personal badge for free entrance to the Reactor Centre. Please follow the instructions of the security staff.

Mail address:

Jožef Stefan Institute - ICJT
Jamova 39
SI-1001 Ljubljana
phone:    +386 (0)1 588 52 98
fax:         +386 (0)1 588 53 76
mail:       icjt@ijs.si

Transportation ICJT - downtown Ljubljana

City bus No. 21  (information)
The bus stop is on the main road south of the Centre and goes to Ježica.

Phone Numbers

  • Reactor Centre switchboard: +386 (01) 588 54 50
  • Staff Phone Numbers
  • The last three numbers are also internal numbers for calls inside ICJT.

Building Plan

ICJT Building Ground Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

ICJT Building Basement Plan


Basement Plan


The restaurant is open every weekday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
There are three hot meal menus to choose from every day, which must be ordered in advance.

For more information, contact the service provider Gostilna Zajc, 01 562 61 41 or info@gostilnazajc.si.

If you need our help ...

On workdays you can call our secretary at +386 (01) 588 52 98.


Emergency medical care is available in downtown Ljubljana on Bohoričeva street, on the north side of the Clinical Centre. The nearest doctor is in the health centre in Črnuče.

Emergency Call Number in Slovenia

We hope you will not have to use it, but it is 112

Mobile Phones

Please turn off your mobile phones in the classroom. Ringing is very disturbing for other participants and lecturers.

Internet Access

You can access the internet at the computers in the Cyber Room. For information on the wireless connection, please contact the secretariat.

Computer virus protection

Please help us keep our computers clean. Please refer to us if you want to copy USB keys and we will check them for viruses.

Visitors' area

Next to the lobby is a place for visitors with a a coffee-machine for hot drinks and water. You can operate it with 0,40 EUR or with a special token.


Tap water everywhere in our Training Centre and elsewhere in Slovenia is potable.


Toilets are located in the main lobby, in front of the restaurant and in the basement.