In the basement of our Training Centre we have an Information Centre with a permanent exhibition on nuclear technology.
The emphasis is given to nuclear power plant technology and radioactive waste management.

The exhibition consists of panels with detailed descriptions of different topics related to nuclear technology in the Slovenian and English languages. Visitors can find anything from operation of a power plant to environmental issues related to energy management and influences that it has on the environment such as the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming. Beside the panels there are also interesting exhibits and mockups:
  • A model of the main control room of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant
  • A model of the fuel element of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant
  • An actual reactor core from the TRIGA research reactor
  • An apparatus for the measurement of radioactive contamination
  • The carousel of radioactive substances
  • Protective equipment for work in a radioactive environment
  • A bicycle for human power demonstration
  • The simulator of the management of electro energetic system of Slovenia
  • Classroom with a radioactivity workshop
  • Workshop on energy
  • A mockup of a surface radioactive waste repository
  • Two models of underground radioactive waste repositories
  • Barrels for radioactive waste
  • The most frequent questions about radioactivity and radioactive waste
  • Multimedia presentation of the radioactive waste
In addition there is also a separate smaller exhibition with historical overview entitled:

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