You can rent lecture rooms and equipment for your meeting, lecture, seminar, ...

Available lecture rooms

  • basement lecture room (110 seats)
  • large lecture room P1 (60 seats)
  • Ravnik lecture room P4 (46 seats)
  • medium lecture room P2 (32 seats)

Education technology, printing and copying

  • LCD projectors,
  • laptop computers,
  • laser printers and copying machines,
  • equipment for spiral binding,
  • overhead projectors,
  • audio and video systems in lecture rooms P1 and K1, ...

Price list

Lecture room Price (euro) / per day
Basement - K1 / for 110 persons (without tables) 300
Large - P1 / for 60 persons 250
Ravnik - P4 / for 46 persons 200
Medium - P2 / for 32 persons 180
Small - P3 / for 10 persons 150
technician or administrator per hour 28,20
coffee from coffee machine 0,30

When renting the lecture room during a weekend or a holiday 4 hours for the technician will be charged additionally. When renting the lecture room in the afternoon hours (after 5 p.m.) 2 hours for the technician will be charged. The price of rent applies for one day and includes the LCD projector, signs for lecture room (doors, a signpost), internet access and the use of coffee room. Renting of equipment is only possible together with renting the lecture room. The price is valid from 12 April 2016 and does not include 22% VAT. Prices are in Euros (€). Use XE.com to convert to your currency.

Building Plan

ICJT Building Ground Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

ICJT Building Basement Plan


Basement Plan

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